I majored in Textile/Surface Design & Minored in Art History at the Fashion Institute of Techology (otherwise known as FIT) here in New York. I currently freelance/work on a few commisioned pieces for local shops and markets in the area.

My creative approach—no matter the medium—is to create the unexpected. I love mixed media work and building in multiple textures into each piece I create. When someone views my work I want them to be compelled to touch it, pick it up, and take a photo. What I create I hope inspires others to go out and do the same. I only hope that my work conveys this sense of dream like wonder I hope to present.

I balance my day job with personal creative work, when I'm not creating, I spend my time with my loving boyfriend or shopping for vintage clothing and keepsakes. Just like my work I love to mix together the old to create something new and inspiring wether it is in my everyday life or in my art

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